Learning Sunsets

Sunsets, sunsets is what has brought us together here today. (Princess Bride reference, if you know it, say it.) I love a great sunset. Learning to shoot a great sunset however, has been a challenge. I need to practice, and the atmosphere around Maui is not cooperating. I know,  first world problems, however I really want to become a great sunset photographer.

Maui has vog from the Big Island volcano spewing its toxic mist into the air. It can sometimes lend a beautiful haziness to the sky. (Vog means Volcanic fog)

Hazy Sunset

It can also completely ruin sunset by being so thick and causing the sun to set before the horizon.

beach and ocean just after sunset

Okay, I blame the vog, but it may just be a cloud layer. Either way it wreaks havoc on my sunset photos. Lucky for me that I usually have my great friend Vinny along to lend me some advise and keep me motivated to find a way to make my lemonade out of lemons. (Please click his name to see more of his work on Instagram).  This photo below shows no sun at all, it has already set behind the clouds, yet with a long exposure and a neutral density filter, greatness can occur.

Smooth looking after sunset ocean

They look surreal, like the ocean doesn’t have chop or swell. And every color available is enhanced and show in the resulting image. Even a lone star happened to find its way into the photo.

dreamy sandy after sunset ocean

Who am I to judge a great sunset. I know what I like though, and every day I’m learning a little more about how to capture that on “film”. I’ll leave you off with another photo from a different evening.Rocky Ocean Sunset

I have added many more sunsets into my gallery. Click here to go to the Sunset gallery or find it on the Home page.

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