Aloha, I am Jonny Hooks, Imaginator

(aka Jonathan Stockwell)

Jonny Hooks Picture
Photo credit – Fernando L Arbarello

Let me tell everyone a little about myself, first I am a husband and father. Second is the Imaginator in me, always pondering ideas and scenarios. I also enjoy a few hobbies, mostly photography and gaming. I have started dabbling in video reviews and broadcast gaming. My day job is as a server and at night I try to improve my abilities to provide for my family.

I have gone by the nickname “Jonny Hooks” since my days of playing in the band “Down Side Up”. I decided long ago to continue on with the use of that nickname for all my artistic endeavors. Eventually I will get all the permissions needed to post that music on my website for all to enjoy. You can currently listen to it free on Amazon if you are an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber, or buy it on iTunes, or finally, buy a physical disc on cdbaby.

Here is the CD cover.

Cover of the letters from maui cd from down side up
Down Side Up – Letters From Maui

Learning about web design has been a fun challenge, much like learning an instrument, or learning photography. It requires a lot of practice and perseverance. My first website I built from scratch in HTML 5, however I quickly ran into design issues that I didn’t have the knowledge for, so lost my way and motivation for a bit.

Now that I have a handle on basic html, css, and php, I have decided to skip bootstrapper, and layout design, and continue on with a WordPress theme site. WordPress is presenting its own challenges. My skill here is mostly coming from the website OStraining, where I watch training videos. I’m pleased so far with the free Brigsby theme I’m using, however may occasionally change it, depending on if it will play nicely with my design ideas.